Winstrol red dragon

I constantly run trt, that being said, it's usually always cyp or Enth, but my favorite it's test p. I run it often to spike levels or do few weeks spurts of high test p, with mast p and winny or var. I've achieved the physique and size I wanted years ago and now just maintenance while not competing or pushing the envelope like I used too. With prop I like to run it high and fast, blew threw these quickly at 900 mg a week, I am not sensitive to pip, especially from prop lol I did 3 mls three times a week with a base of a prescribed 200 cyp shot slowly working the longer ester under that quick prop, so little over a gram but I'm not at all saying this is how to run prop, I am a big guy with receptors that need a break lol. I felt total surges of peak test levels after a week, prop is so easy to tell if it's quality or dosed right when pinning 3 ccs if you don't start feeling all the euphoric beast high test feelings then something is off. I had huge libido spike with added intensity, I never get acne or oily, but was slightly more aggressive in daily life and training was great, pumps and recovery were perfect and I keep a year round strict diet. Honestly I just ran this because I love prop and wanted to try DPs and it didn't disappoint, this was some good ass test p, I recommend it, I'll buy it, and it pinned thin and easy, had a great test only blast with it.

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Winstrol red dragon

winstrol red dragon


winstrol red dragonwinstrol red dragonwinstrol red dragonwinstrol red dragonwinstrol red dragon