What is the tren cough

Interestingly, Trenavar and Trenbolone – also known as “Tren” – are so alike that cycling with this prohormone will actually lead to the stimulation of the naturally active trenbolone in the body, leading to greater vascularity, faster loss of fat as well as considerable boosts in size and strength. This is because Trenavar targets the 17b-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (17b-HSD1) when it gets metabolized by the body. As soon as the compound of Trenavar gets hydrogenated inside the system, its conversion into Trenbolone takes place.

Im 2 week in and had my 5th pin today. Having distinct psychological effects. libido, confidence, increased appitite, since of well being. Also slight strenght gains and higher than normal aggression during lifts along with stamina. Im sleeping harder and more REM. Also slightly elivated BP (still normal and safe) and oily skin as of a few days ago. No complaints. Up 10 lbs in 2 weeks. I have had PIP in all injection sites (both glutes both delts) could be poor technique or the fact its been a while since last cycle for glutes as for delts there virgin never pinned there befor but i was suprised how long the PIP lasted. 7 days. Still feel it. More time to focus on lower body!!! Glass is always half full remeber that.

What is the tren cough

what is the tren cough


what is the tren coughwhat is the tren coughwhat is the tren coughwhat is the tren coughwhat is the tren cough