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Dear Doctor. I am 64 and having allergic rhinitis since childhood. In those days hardly people knew about I grew up whenever there was such problem a few anti allergy pills would do the job or with sheer strength of my body things 15 years back I had a sever attack in which I had badly running nose and a contineous post nasal time I had to consult an ENT spec. He diagnosed it to be seasonal allergic prescribed me tab telfast and nasal spray the disease could not be fully controlled but still somehow I kept mannaging the things. Now about 3months back I had another sever attack in which I had nasal congestion nasal drip and this time I am uncomfertable with all dry and fresh fruits,milk,curd,all vegitables and so much so that I am now only taking wheat doctor has given me anti allergy tab and AVAMYS nasal I do not take the troubling items then the things are under some control otherwise not.

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