Test prop grapeseed oil

Your cakes,beautiful!Read your Momo.. whatever cake story,hilarious!!😅Am 54 and been a SAHM WORST fail, (or disaster),was me cleaning the pantry some 20 years the neck of a quart bottle of grenadine to clean the top shelf of neck was in my hand,the bottom stuck to the RIVER of grenadine flowing down to the floor,the carpet,under the the scene from the movie “The Shining”,Rivers of blood in the !Anyway,wanted to share that. Your so awesome,wanted to give you a laugh!

Wow, that is quite an undertaking. If this is something that’s supposed to be attached to the tongue, I don’t see how it could be worn for more than a minute or two. All that saliva would loosen most anything. But you might as well try. I’d ditch the wire and styrofoam and simply use a soft nylon mesh for the structure (the kind used for screen windows), then fauxtex on top of that. Yes, you can leave out the coconut oil, but again–with all that saliva–I’m not sure you can keep a food-based prosthetic from being sticky. Perhaps try coating it with clear nail polish and let it dry well before sticking it in your mouth. First check if nail polish is toxic. And good luck!

Test prop grapeseed oil

test prop grapeseed oil


test prop grapeseed oiltest prop grapeseed oiltest prop grapeseed oiltest prop grapeseed oil