Test prop ghrp 6

Hi Ben, thanks for the info, I have been injured and out of the gym for 6 months due to tennis elbow and ligament inflammation in the back of my right knee, Ive been going to a medical/ sports therapists once a week for about 3 weeks, its been helping but I feel like its been too long of a recovery. I want to try BPC on my elbow/ upper forearm area and behind my knee,im just unaware and have little to no knowledge on how and where exactly is the pinpoint on where to insert bpc in. Any information or advice will surely be helpful. Thanks to who ever responds.

Hi john
I’m on TRT myself what is a good test level to read that 800 is optimal for muscle developing is that accurate . What is your test level on TRT? Do you use arimadex during TRT or just when you doing a cycle .
My doctor won’t give me HGC but I can get it . How much and how opten do you use it ? Do you use it during a cycle or in between cycles . What do you recommend for oily skin and zits on my back from the test. You mention that you give blood often can you explain that in more detail. Thank you very much this is the best site I’ve come across I appreciate your honesty.

Hey sara your website is amazing and the artical is usefull . But right now i need some help from you as you have knowledge and experiance . I just completed a 10 week test Prop and Test E mixed cycle and after 5 days of last shootbof my last test prop, i started PCT . I took 100mg clomid Every Day AND 40Mg nolva for first week . Will it be enough dose if i take 50mg clomid and nolva 20mg for second week ?? Am kind of worried because my balls are not recovering and this is my first time after came of steroids and it is not feelinh good. Should i go for hCG or will they recover slowly??Also will there be any problem if i skip one dose because am taking another medication for a condition of skin related. My brain is about to blast with these hundered kind of questions. please help me seriously need your help

Test prop ghrp 6

test prop ghrp 6


test prop ghrp 6test prop ghrp 6test prop ghrp 6test prop ghrp 6test prop ghrp 6