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Binjour I make a cure testo enanthate deca durabolin and cutplex (clen) on 10 week I eat healthily .j'm at my 8 th week of the integrated or j anavar up at the end of the cycle 6cp daily. Ok I'm just swell since especially with the taking anavar c is the 2 th week. J have make the retention of water I pumped but without much definition for the moment .. think that c is normal? That at the end of the cure I would lose the water and I would have all my well-defined muscle? Mm or before the end of the cure that I would see the true THE FINDINGS? Thank you

Ostashred contains Ostarine. Just finished a 7 weeks cycle on a Ostarine containing product (4 week bulk, 3 weeks cut). Can’t say I gained more muscle than what’s expected after one month bulk but I don’t think I lost much during the cut. What it really helped with and the reason I took it: it really accelerated the healing of my damaged knee. My dose was 10mg/day for one week and 20mg/day after that. In the first two and a half weeks I used no estrogen blocker, which wasn’t a very good idea, felt like shit. My erection strength and libido were okish but I’d say my T level dropped quite dramatically. No idea how much, blood work is next week. Feeling great one week after stopping. So, in conclusion: not much muscles gained or lost, faster recovery after lifting, a bit more weight lifted, really improved my knee. My first cycle and except for healing purposes, I see no point in it

This is just a review of the business I have done with Ashop over the years. Always professional service. Yes it might take 3 weeks to a month to get to you, but well worth it. Good solid products from Balkan. Their oils and orals are on point. Yes you can go to different shops for stronger blends if you want. Ashop has always been competitive with pricing. He takes care of his customers. Product packaging is about as stealth as you can get guys. Individual pills stacked and taped to show no print what so ever. I mean that is tedious work to say the least and Ashop does it. Guys he is a pro, doing this for over a decade. He is putting his place back in order. Oh and anyone who thinks he is a scam. Take a long jump. Ashop is a legend. Ok rant over. Thank
you Ariel for what you do.

Buy winny steroid

buy winny steroid


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